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Ecademy’s Got Talent


The line-up for Andrew Horder’s OSBSD, looked outstanding.

A rich mix of Girls and Boys. We greeted, hugged, bowed, doing a pre limbering warm up. This greeting style warmed everyone before we all got started. The Boys were in a league of their own, while the Girls were so pretty that John Cassidy just had to unveil his camera, to shoot his lovely Head Shots!

Getting down to business in small intimate Black Star groups. After an incredible afternoon jam packed with giving and receiving, I felt humbled to experience that level of feedback second to none. Giving our heartfelt ‘thanks’ to Andrew before continuing our 1-2-1′s which then quickly emerged into ‘group hugs’ as we arrived at our watering hole. The superb venue, The Waterway arranged by the ‘hostess with the mostest’ Clare Gillbanks, ecademists turned into intimate clusters of non-stop chatting talent

Sipping bubbly later while overlooking the canal with Julia McDaid, socialising post Andrew’s OSBSD, took on a Life of its own. I learnt I could collaborate with one or two members. Having been given specific ‘canal route’ details by the deceivingly quiet Dave Clarke, I slipped away leaving the Party to catch my late train home.

I’m sure there will be lot’s more opportunities, proving that meeting up offline is a gorgeous extension of getting to know one another online. Enjoy starting with a #kiss, meanwhile.

Thank You Andrew for being brave enough to take me on for the edutainment slot.
When out of our ‘comfort zone’, we hugged each other through it. The Amadeus Centre was a great choice Andrew. The relaxed, calm atmosphere added to the day. Thank you Clare for arranging the watering hole, it was super!.

Carolyn Williams

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