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Are you letting people know what excites you?


Langland, Gower


In order for a personal brand to convert leads into sales, the right marketing strategies need to be in place.

Keys to help you with your marketing ideas for your small business. Enjoy the power of your marketing efforts as a small business or marketing professional.

Even with a limited marketing budget you can still make a strong impact with targeted and creative ideas that will both help you to get your small business in front of a new audience, and retain and engage the customers you already have.

Your brand message.

To stand out from the crowd with confidence you need to know yourself well before you promote your services and products. Optimise your virtual presence. Demonstrate your excitement, your knowledge and uniqueness.

Reach out – Be social  – Share yourself

‘If you’re not having a good time now you never will’ Deepak Chopra

The precision of social media is exactly what makes the medium such a great way to hone your brand message and to get clear about exactly who you are and what you offer. Most small businesses now have at the very least a Facebook or Twitter account, but why not expand to Instagram, Pinterest or Google+ to reach a new customer base and further show your creativity and vision? Create innovative and original social media accounts that promote your small business, and share your personality.

Build Relationships

As a small business and marketing specialist you have the opportunity to build close meaningful relationships with your customers. I carefully nurture all my network connections daily. Take time to find out what excites them and what help you can offer them. Cultivate a personable authentic presence online. Be real. These close relationships can develop into strong advocates for your service and referral programmes. Word of mouth is strengthened by the genuineness and generosity of your social network

In paying it forward with gratitude you will enjoy testimonials and referrals and receive so much more.

Think local

I regularly feature my photographs of Gower as above. I personally take these photographs during my trail treks through both North and South Gower. I add hashtags to #Gower and #Langland as regular tweets to my networks on Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. By demonstrating real enthusiasm and excitement for your countryside and coastline you demonstrate a real commitment to making your business integral to the growth of your neighbourhood.

Learn how to network here on LinkedIn. To become influential you would be wise to join group discussions that get you excited. I regularly contribute to the Welsh Rugby group discussions.

This interesting article explains how to connect your brand to high-level influencers. Above all, find out what get’s you excited enough to want to convert leads into sales.


Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.



I don’t love it because I sell it…I sell it because I love it.


My activity on Instagram has increased these past few months and there is one connection in particular who has gained my interest by asking questions. Her sales pitch points out the aesthetic physical benefits plus financial gains to the buyer. Her attractive selling connects with new followers and potential clients on a daily basis.

What you say, write and how your body language reflects those words have a big impact on those you do business with. Steve Martin wrote: The way in which feelings and emotion impact on decision-making and behaviour can be powerful.

Professor Marianne Bertrand of Chicago Business School recently found that simply by printing a picture of a smiling young woman on an envelope containing an offer for a financial product led to 
a significant increase in response.

In Daniel Pink’s recent best seller, To Sell Is Human, he argues that very point -“we are all in sales whether we like it or not”. We are all participating in non-sales selling when we are convincing people to exchange something of value with us even if it is something non-monetary such as their time or attention. If they give us their attention, they will receive valuable information and advice from us.

Many people are or wish to be entrepreneurs, and while they would describe themselves as having the entrepreneurial drive or spirit, they don’t believe that they are very strong salespeople. In reality, we are all in sales. We are all tasked with persuading people to buy into whatever it is we are selling or responsible for, even if it is only an idea”.

What can we do for ourselves to become better salespeople?

Reframe our perspective

We can learn how to listen

We can observe what skills and recommendations a person looks for before consulting someone

Confidence – We can own our insights about our own business

We can ask proactive questions

We can be ready to act on our own personal procrastinations

We can become allies to our minds for breakthrough thinking

Be keen to connect and not exploit when networking. Be keener to build a lasting relationship that helps us all learn that time spent with each other is worth it.

‘I don’t love it because I sell social media benefits…I sell it because I love it’.

Carolyn Williams, helping you capture new followers, advocates and how to generate new leads for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I generate new leads, followers and advocates for small business owners & entrepreneurs


So how do you stay on the message?

Where do you get your energy and stamina to push through that new project of intention? Every good coach will motivate their client to write down their hopes and dreams in black and white having focused on a chosen project.

Doing the research, then editing your dreams requires energy and stamina to bring about the completion of a dream project.

So how do you stay on the message?

Travelling on a train allows me time to read, draft before I conduct my research on foot. Acting on the intention to complete a project requires determination, a focus but above all a belief which is constantly energized.

An acceptance that nothing stays the same I believe helps us to marvel at new opportunities and connections yet to be made.

Transience Passing with time. Zen thinking says uncertainty and transience are at the heart of everything. The more you clutch onto things, ideas or people or material possessions, the more you lose them. You can’t really know anything for sure.

Transience for me is very real, starting again, adjusting to both my grown up children starting careers and lives of their own.

Seeking inspiration and energy for that new start, that new project is on our doorstep. We can focus on the big picture and change the lenses for the small print but we need to adjust our focus constantly to accept the changes. Being smart enough to grasp that opportunity, that changing gap in the market.

‘A year from now you will wish you had started today’ – Karen Lamb


Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise yourself for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media for business.


Did that spark an interest in business?

Today I met with Andrew Field at Miskin Manor, Llantrisant, Cardiff.

When you click on Andrew’s Sunzu profile you will read:

“Most of you are here to make a business connection, but I am not. I am here for the social interface. Surprised? Do not be, the Ecademy network is actually one of the better social meeting places to which I subscribe on the Web. It is brimming with interesting people and it is much more than just business here!”

Andrew sincerely believes Ecademy, which is a social media network with a new owner, Lyndon Wood, who has renamed it Sunzu, has been one of the better social meeting places that we can subscribe to on the web. He continues to explain his point of view so well. He, like me has reached a level of maturity and experience in life. We naturally discussed the changes that are happening in business life today and within networking websites, like Sunzu.  Having shared blogs with Andrew and contributed to his superbly written stories on Africa, I felt I had his measure, until I met him in person today. Our discussions raised a question for me about this new platform. ‘Will the newer members of Sunzu embrace the ‘older tried and tested’ contributors ?’ I guess time will tell.

Looking through a lens.

When you give someone respect, you also give them space to express who it is they truly are.
Without hearing and understanding someone’s ancestry and business history you can only scratch the surface. To measure the quality of a social media connection, you gain a much better insight by meeting them in person and by looking at their photographs. Here are just two of Andrew’s favourite pictures (taken by Andrew himself)

Lion activity captured in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

Boardroom insight

I can tell you having met him, he is a man who means exactly what he says and has so much more to offer a person on this social network site, about business. Since joining Ecademy in 2008, Andrew is the first person I have met who is Mr. Boardroom himself.   Having built a few businesses, armed with several business strengths, he is a boardroom all rolled into one. Throughout my meetings with local South Wales businessmen and women, I inevitably see the quizzical look on their faces when I mention ecademy and again when I talk about the merits of  joining a boardroom. Today, I was able to sit back and truly engage with someone who was not trying to sell me anything. Don’t be fooled by his superb shots of lions and elephants roaming in the wild, he is so much more.

In his profile he concludes by asking the reader:
” Did that spark an interest? Feel free to connect if it did, no harm can be done, but be aware I would like to make our connection a little more than just your name on a now rather large list. I am happy to explore opportunities where I can help, where I have the experiences; and to participate where I have an opinion, so please explore my other networks too?”

So I will continue to keep an eye out for him on blog sphere, as he suggests.

I would love to hear from you, if you have met a member through any of your favourite social media networks and learnt something so new and valuable because you took the time to find out?


Carolyn Williams
Moving minds and people in business