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I don’t love it because I sell it…I sell it because I love it.


My activity on Instagram has increased these past few months and there is one connection in particular who has gained my interest by asking questions. Her sales pitch points out the aesthetic physical benefits plus financial gains to the buyer. Her attractive selling connects with new followers and potential clients on a daily basis.

What you say, write and how your body language reflects those words have a big impact on those you do business with. Steve Martin wrote: The way in which feelings and emotion impact on decision-making and behaviour can be powerful.

Professor Marianne Bertrand of Chicago Business School recently found that simply by printing a picture of a smiling young woman on an envelope containing an offer for a financial product led to 
a significant increase in response.

In Daniel Pink’s recent best seller, To Sell Is Human, he argues that very point -“we are all in sales whether we like it or not”. We are all participating in non-sales selling when we are convincing people to exchange something of value with us even if it is something non-monetary such as their time or attention. If they give us their attention, they will receive valuable information and advice from us.

Many people are or wish to be entrepreneurs, and while they would describe themselves as having the entrepreneurial drive or spirit, they don’t believe that they are very strong salespeople. In reality, we are all in sales. We are all tasked with persuading people to buy into whatever it is we are selling or responsible for, even if it is only an idea”.

What can we do for ourselves to become better salespeople?

Reframe our perspective

We can learn how to listen

We can observe what skills and recommendations a person looks for before consulting someone

Confidence – We can own our insights about our own business

We can ask proactive questions

We can be ready to act on our own personal procrastinations

We can become allies to our minds for breakthrough thinking

Be keen to connect and not exploit when networking. Be keener to build a lasting relationship that helps us all learn that time spent with each other is worth it.

‘I don’t love it because I sell social media benefits…I sell it because I love it’.

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hug ‘em hard and tell ‘em …

In 2008 I joined the social media network called Ecademy owned by Thomas Power and founded by Penny Power author of the book Know me,   like Me, follow me’.  Since then I’ve met so many of it’s members both from the UK and across the globe.

One London member who I have become particularly fond of because of his humorous blogs has just lost his wife to cancer and I only learnt this news today.  I am writing this blog and dedicating it to Norman and Mimi, his late wife. ….

“hug ‘em hard and tell ‘em (again and again) how much you love them”  are Norman’s words of wisdom during the time of his greatest loss…

“If, in my heartbreaking & still extremely raw experience, I can pass anything on, it’s simply to live life to the full, enjoy the good times and to remind everyone to reach out (today, now) to their partners, wives, hubbies, kids & loved ones and hug ‘em hard and tell ‘em (again & again) how much you love them”…

Some of you have noticed I have not been quite so active on Ecademy these past few weeks.
I’ve been concentrating on looking after my poorly daughter, who had become ill while on holiday with her husband in June. My experience to date is that sensitive people hide their intolerances and suffering well. For over six years she has managed to balance a full time job along with running a home and studying part time for her Degree. During this time both her husband and I took it in turns to help out with running here and there with her other love, Louis.

This morning I read with sadness Norman’s reply on Dean’s blog but it was his last paragraph that struck a chord with me. When both my parents passed away within two years of each other, I felt an orphan. I have little contact with my brother and less with my sister. I took on the philosophy that has served me well, I would encourage my two to always hug and tell each other they loved one another. While I have been giving lot’s of love and care to my daughter my son has been keeping her topped up with texts and tough love. ( He would he is a soldier). I do believe there is a fine balance between both and it’s not many that get it right. What helps you when your in emotional, mental and physical pain?

I’ve been contemplating, meditating and linking quietly online with great practitioners like Tom and Dr. Das while encouraging my daughter to continue seeking holistic treatment offline. I do believe she is turning the corner after much rest, good fuel, hugs and telling her how much we love her. smile

Norman, I missed your jokes of late. Laughter for me is therapy. Everyone has their own way of dealing with pain and suffering. I’ve been following The Rugby World Cup with Masssimo. Wales I’m proud to say never gave up!. I will be in touch soon. Meanwhile Dr. Das What’s the one thing you know for sure about joy? says it all for me and more.

Flowers for every day while recovering,  love from me in Wales!

Thank You Norman.

Carolyn x