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We can all help each other grow richer in Ecademy

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”. Winston Churchill

That wonderful quote among so many more by Winston Churchill sets the tone for this blog.

Yesterday I joined Daniel, Phillip, George, Mike, Richard, James and one other young gentleman supporting Daniel’s Engaging Ecademy Leadership Event in London.

I took the decision to do this after re launching a band new corporate gymnasium facility after three years planning (to get others on board) on Tuesday. That re launch was the fourth in twenty two years and I was delighted for the workforce. The current Plant Manager for this automotive plant is young and like Daniel, works all hours. These young entrepreneurs and managers don’t have the luxury of paid support, so rely on the goodwill of other leaders who can help. I suspect this pattern is seen across the economic ‘picture board’ in this country.

After a long train journey from Swansea, putting a spurt on through tube stations and streets to arrive to Smiley faces was a treat! I have to say to you ‘ beautiful Londoners’ you are amazing, guiding millions of visitors, including the odd Taff wink through your city, an enormous task.

I learnt much, much more by making this, a four hour trip, to meet Daniel and to hear his passion to make Ecademy succeed was obvious. He’s worth hearing, so please attend ROSEE 3.

One simple task we can all do is click liking ‘a new kid to Ecademy on the block’ blogs. I have started following:

Robert Craven
Mike Morrison
Beth Burgess
Julia Mctaid
Ed Percival
Richard Francis
Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

Please look at new members and start nurturing their blog attempts. If we all start clicking on two to six more new members blogs, we will help each other grow richer. Daniel is ‘flat out’ so lightening his load would be a plus, even a K+. wink

I ditto Richard’s comment by repeating ‘Having fun isn’t always a criminal offence’. A gathering of like-minded people. Where else would you have this opportunity?.  I had the giggles on more than one occasion, the last being, when the ‘larger than life’ Mike was being a perfect Gent doing his Sir. Walter Raleigh impression by warning me of oncoming puddles before leaving for the tube station!

Which other network would you get such an opportunity to support and watch each other grow richer?


Keeping you motivated for business.

Ecademy’s Got Talent


The line-up for Andrew Horder’s OSBSD, looked outstanding.

A rich mix of Girls and Boys. We greeted, hugged, bowed, doing a pre limbering warm up. This greeting style warmed everyone before we all got started. The Boys were in a league of their own, while the Girls were so pretty that John Cassidy just had to unveil his camera, to shoot his lovely Head Shots!

Getting down to business in small intimate Black Star groups. After an incredible afternoon jam packed with giving and receiving, I felt humbled to experience that level of feedback second to none. Giving our heartfelt ‘thanks’ to Andrew before continuing our 1-2-1′s which then quickly emerged into ‘group hugs’ as we arrived at our watering hole. The superb venue, The Waterway arranged by the ‘hostess with the mostest’ Clare Gillbanks, ecademists turned into intimate clusters of non-stop chatting talent

Sipping bubbly later while overlooking the canal with Julia McDaid, socialising post Andrew’s OSBSD, took on a Life of its own. I learnt I could collaborate with one or two members. Having been given specific ‘canal route’ details by the deceivingly quiet Dave Clarke, I slipped away leaving the Party to catch my late train home.

I’m sure there will be lot’s more opportunities, proving that meeting up offline is a gorgeous extension of getting to know one another online. Enjoy starting with a #kiss, meanwhile.

Thank You Andrew for being brave enough to take me on for the edutainment slot.
When out of our ‘comfort zone’, we hugged each other through it. The Amadeus Centre was a great choice Andrew. The relaxed, calm atmosphere added to the day. Thank you Clare for arranging the watering hole, it was super!.

Carolyn Williams

Keeping you motivated for business.

Are you lost in Ecademy?

Participating in  Ecademy’s leadership second meeting, led by Phillip Khan-Panni – Wordsmith was to bring home ( in my view ) that a lot of us are lost in Ecademy.  We could say this is also true of our economy and of our way in British life.

Prior to this meeting I had arranged a 1-2-1 with John Paul, an Architect from London and a power networker. We arranged to meet in the British Museum not far from our meeting place. This invite was as a direct result from a comment John had made on this post.

What followed on from this visit was that John kindly took me to look at some amazing buildings and architecture. Soaking up this vast wealth of architectural history, guided by a London architect was a privilege. Starting with the British Museum, leading to the buildings around Portland Street, All Saints Church, Margaret Street with its stunning stain glass windows and carvings in the company of John Paul.

“The exception is the magnificent west window (right), the glass of which dates from 1877. Designed by Alexander Gibbs, it is based on the Tree of Jesse window in Wells Cathedral, and replaced the initial glass, designed by Alfred Gerente and installed between 1853-58 (and which was generally thought to be a failure).

It was designed in 1850 by William Butterfield, an architect strongly associated with Gothic revival church building and the Oxford Movement. Completed in 1859, the red brick church was built around a small courtyard with an adjoining vicarage and a choir school.

Butterfield’s masterpiece

The interior is noted for its rich decoration and beautiful fittings – a true “hidden gem” in the streets of central London.

Sir John Betjeman, the poet, writer and enthusiastic advocate of heritage and architecture said of All Saints: It was here, in the 1850s, that the revolution in architecture began…It led the way, All Saints Margaret Street, in church building.” All Saints Margaret Street is a Victorian church in Fitzrovia, near Oxford Street, London. It is regarded as one of the foremost examples of High Victorian Gothic achitecture in Britain”.

Having listened to John’s story I decided it would be an idea to meet up with a dear friend of mine, now working as a specialist in Harley Street. Again John led me to the RIBA buildings ‘coffee shop’, so that all three of us could sit and chat. My friend is an IVF specialist. Our conversation centred around what we understand is happening to the traditional family.  Family life is changing for all of us. Ecademy has changed and will change again. It’s keeping up with the changes, facilitating, and participating that helps us to embrace this huge challenge.

Business: We can all help each other grow richer in Ecademy
.  We sure can.

Carolyn Williams

Keeping you motivated for business.

Off Line Networks ~ Bring Back London Ecademy Events


At the beginning of this week I wrote about Business : Build On Trust Me, You Chose My Networkand wanted to share with you the journey of trusting both online and offline networking

Trust yourself posted by ed percival tells you to reflect when you first trusted someone and the first person you learnt to mistrust. Your gut instinct will TELL you everything you need to know about the person you are with.

I attended a NRG Business networks meeting at The Vale Hotel, Hensol and enjoyed a 1-2-1 withDave Clarke CEO of this Network. The host Huw Lewis, was living a little closer to me in Wales and was amazed I knew so much about Dave.   Thanks to Ecademy and my Network I have got to know Dave through a series of social media networks and tools before meeting him ‘face to face’ for the first time. A family man and an experienced business man with people skills pouring out of his pores.

How good is that, belonging to a network that encourages both online and offline networking?.
Bring back London Ecademy Events.

So who is influencing You?