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Smiley Faces Can Make a Big Difference When Decision Making In Business

What you say, write and how your body language reflects those words have a big impact on those you do business with. Steve Martin wrote : The way in which feelings and emotion inpact on decision-making and behaviour can be powerful.

Professor Marianne Bertrand of Chicago Business School recently found that simply by printing a picture of a smiling young woman on an envelope containing an offer for a financial product led to 
a significant increase in response.

I am naturally drawn to sunnier smiles when networking and equally withdraw from cold stares both in Life and when engaging through social media. Two yeas ago experiencing some really cold wintery weather I wrote Business : Profiles – The Power Of The Smile!. the power of a Smile can lift the Spirit. Equally what you seek, read and reflect have a big impact on those you do business with.

Constant negative media news and destructive behaviour has a depressive effect on British workers as they head for sunnier climates in search of sun rays!. (Me included) Feeling sunnier can and does attract new relationships and new clients. Your written word and images reflect your intention and spirit. To promote hope among young job seekers I wrote Business : The art of communication skills in business.

Steve Martin continued to add “Clearly it would be a stretch to suggest that simply decorating your next proposal with smiley faces and positive words will be enough to 
ensure that you emerge with 
a new client or contract. However, other things being equal, paying attention to the environmental cues that can influence others’ feelings and ethically arranging for those that impact positively to be in place, especially at the point when decisions are made, can make for big differences.

But aside from obvious events such as receiving bad news or falling out with a colleague what other stimuli can influence how we feel and, as a result, behave?”

When Attracting New Clients ~ how do we engage? A #Sparkle Exercise

  • Engage
  • – Do you call to engage with your potential customers?

  • Smile
  • – Do you Smile while chatting with them?

    Saw another article and felt it appropriate when looking at our negative behaviour. If you run a business and you waste energy squabbling in front of the customer, I for one wouldn’t do business with you. A no win situation.

    Advertisers know that there is much more to the catch phrase “No Likey, No Lighty!” wink

    Breaking through the Daylight #Smiles

    Woop! Woop! More heaven on earth courtesy of Alun Morris Jones and Twitter. I had to share this early Christmas pressie with my follow friends. Like so many other connections here on Ecademy the past few months have been a personal and professional test. Whatever circumstances throw at you I do hope this piece of Magic lifts your Spirit?


    Coldplay’s Paradise says it all for me.
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