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Did that spark an interest in business?

Today I met with Andrew Field at Miskin Manor, Llantrisant, Cardiff.

When you click on Andrew’s Sunzu profile you will read:

“Most of you are here to make a business connection, but I am not. I am here for the social interface. Surprised? Do not be, the Ecademy network is actually one of the better social meeting places to which I subscribe on the Web. It is brimming with interesting people and it is much more than just business here!”

Andrew sincerely believes Ecademy, which is a social media network with a new owner, Lyndon Wood, who has renamed it Sunzu, has been one of the better social meeting places that we can subscribe to on the web. He continues to explain his point of view so well. He, like me has reached a level of maturity and experience in life. We naturally discussed the changes that are happening in business life today and within networking websites, like Sunzu.  Having shared blogs with Andrew and contributed to his superbly written stories on Africa, I felt I had his measure, until I met him in person today. Our discussions raised a question for me about this new platform. ‘Will the newer members of Sunzu embrace the ‘older tried and tested’ contributors ?’ I guess time will tell.

Looking through a lens.

When you give someone respect, you also give them space to express who it is they truly are.
Without hearing and understanding someone’s ancestry and business history you can only scratch the surface. To measure the quality of a social media connection, you gain a much better insight by meeting them in person and by looking at their photographs. Here are just two of Andrew’s favourite pictures (taken by Andrew himself)

Lion activity captured in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

Boardroom insight

I can tell you having met him, he is a man who means exactly what he says and has so much more to offer a person on this social network site, about business. Since joining Ecademy in 2008, Andrew is the first person I have met who is Mr. Boardroom himself.   Having built a few businesses, armed with several business strengths, he is a boardroom all rolled into one. Throughout my meetings with local South Wales businessmen and women, I inevitably see the quizzical look on their faces when I mention ecademy and again when I talk about the merits of  joining a boardroom. Today, I was able to sit back and truly engage with someone who was not trying to sell me anything. Don’t be fooled by his superb shots of lions and elephants roaming in the wild, he is so much more.

In his profile he concludes by asking the reader:
” Did that spark an interest? Feel free to connect if it did, no harm can be done, but be aware I would like to make our connection a little more than just your name on a now rather large list. I am happy to explore opportunities where I can help, where I have the experiences; and to participate where I have an opinion, so please explore my other networks too?”

So I will continue to keep an eye out for him on blog sphere, as he suggests.

I would love to hear from you, if you have met a member through any of your favourite social media networks and learnt something so new and valuable because you took the time to find out?


Carolyn Williams
Moving minds and people in business