Old ways won’t open new doors

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I have not put pen to paper for some weeks. I guess the pull of an early spring/summer has taken me outside into the open office.  I’ve marvelled at the joys, sights, smells and sounds when the sun arrives early in Wales.

I have been reading lots of articles on social media. One author, Delilah Dawson, in particular challenged her readers to Please shut up: why self promotion as an author doesn’t work and ‘to focus on your energy on the one thing that’s in your control: writing the best book you possibly can. Focus on editing each sentence to make it sing’.  I adore singing and have been listening to some incredible songs lately, that of the early morning bird and this Daddy, who is so patient and loving with his daughter singing.  She is a Hoot!

Here she is singing with her adoring dad.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’  judge, Mr Simon Cowell has made his fortunes choosing and promoting talent all over the world.  He summed up his current best contemporary composer, Golden Boy Calum Scott  by saying ‘‘you took us all on an emotional journey. We were all sucked in’.

Are you conscious of these doing words:



Pulling In



Do you resonate with Delilah Dawson, who says ‘I don’t want to be badgered, urged and threatened, cajoled at or whined to?  Or do you want to be drawn in by what you hear and read online?  Do you attract new potential clients with song links, pictures, and roller coaster post links?  Or are you too squeezed to remember who you are following and listening to?

Have you opened any new doors lately?  Well for starters stop doing the same thing that got you here in the first place.  Commit to moving forward. Commit to opening new doors.


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