What Food Cravings Tell You About Your Health

6 Low-Calorie Snacks To Help You Manage Cravings

1. Soup
A bowl or two of broth-based soup rather than higher-calorie cream soups works well. Add your favourite cut-up veggies, plus a protein such as beans, so you have all the elements of an energy-dense, satisfying meal. Due to its thick consistency, soup takes longer to absorb keeping your tummy full for a longer time. In the winter, it is especially satisfying and comforting.

2. Dried Fruits and Nuts
89 calories gets you eight almonds and four dried apricot halves. A pretty good deal considering you’re getting something sweet, savory, chewy and crunchy. Not only that, but nuts we’ll keep hunger on the wayside than almost any other snack.

3. Smoothies and organic cottage cheese
A glass of apple or banana smoothie will surely gratify your hunger for a while. It will have a mild impact on your blood sugar levels that helps delay hunger cues and enhances weight loss. Try using coconut milk and adding chia seeds and other seeds and nuts to help control your hunger.

4. Organic Popcorn
Popcorn has the volume effect. If you have a tub of popcorn and don’t add fats (caramel or butter) to it, you can consume it without any guilt. Moreover, it gives you a lot of sensory satisfaction. Try and pop your corn in a pan with coconut oil for maximum health and results. Always make sure your popcorn is non-GMO organic. You can also munch on baked or roasted snacks such as khakra (crisp roti) without worrying about adding additional calories.

5. Raw fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are lower in calories per gram compared to denser foods. To increase satiation, consume a cup of chopped water-rich fruits and vegetables, such as berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, kiwi, celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, leafy greens and water chestnuts. If you don’t like it plain, prepare a fruit or veggies salad by adding a few drops of vinegar and low-fat salad dressing to it. Also, kamut or spelt pasta with your favourite sauteed veggies provide higher satiety.

6. Legumes
Legumes, such as split peas, lentils and beans, contain a unique blend of protein and fibre. One cup serving of cooked split peas or lentils provides up to twice as much fibre as other fibre-rich foods, such as barley, whole wheat pasta, raspberries and pears. Naturally low-fat and cholesterol-free, legumes are heart-healthy. Nutritious legume-based dishes include lentil soup, split-pea soup and chilled bean salads.

Source: www.the-open-mind.com

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